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3D Scan-o-Matic Instructions

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 Please note this is only the instructions - code - and links to build a 3D Scan-O-Matic used for copying 3D objects for photogrammetry.   You will still need to order and assemble the parts yourself using the videos provided.  You must have some skill in soldering in order to assemble and a MAC or PC to program the chip.

I will need to keep the price higher for this device, I did not want to assemble and sell the units myself.  I simply don't have time for that.


If you are unsure what this unit does please review it's creation and use in this series


This is already the 3rd generation of the device so the video series still has the older style in it.

Version 3 currently supports 

Android phones

Nikon 7000 Series Cameras

Sony AR Series cameras