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Welcome to the channel

I think of creativity as a channel,  everyone is able to express their energy in different ways. Some choose passion - anger - sadness - eating. Others use the energy to create, build, invent. However you channel the energy, the emotions, the thoughts and feelings of the space that you are.  Make sure you know you are a creator deep down.  At your core you came here to play with the clay of this world.  It’s your clay. You came to absorb it - sculpt it - learn from it. Your only purpose is to  help as many beings do the same.  No expression is ever wrong. Some paint with sadness, some sculpt with anger, some eat with love.   I play with as much energy as I can, I am a mix media master that can use information from every square inch of every reality that I am in at once..   I love what I do.     You just stumbled upon this channel because you want to do the same.

Now Announcing Electroforming school!

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